Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back in August(see below) I posted a drawing I did for my GF's sister's birthday. Well this time it's her mom's bday and I did another quick one. This is just a quick cartoony sketch of my gf and her sister, something to make a mother proud!

Or just somethin to post :-D


Lion_0 said...

Hahahh these are funny. I'm going to make a guess so don't hate me but is hammers the one with the short hair?? This type of cool drawings will help with stress Stu do more more more :P

Stuart Livingston said...

Lol yeah you got it! Her sister's way darker then she is, or as Ian guessed when he saw it "way bitchier." lol what a monster

mother ramirez said...

This was the best birthday present ever! You captured the essence of both girls' personalities. I love it!

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