3 comments Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So it's been a very busy and productive half year since graduation.

I know I've said in my past few posts that I would be getting up more development work from my short but, clearly, this has yet to take place. INSTEAD here's a quick update as to what I've been up to lately:
- After my previous gig doing storyboards for a web animation studio from May thru November, I took a week vacation w/ relatives in Puerto Vallarta - good times, hardly any drawing getting done though X-O
- Immediately after the vacation I'm back in LA starting my brand new job I've been at since; development and storyboarding for a major series to broadcast on Cartoon Network.

I've never been a part of development before so I've had to really flex my creative muscles more than ever before (HEADACHES!...sigh, I'm good). Also, storyboarding for a traditional animation series is a serious far cry from web animation so this has presented even more challenges. All the while I've been commissioned to create a piece of animation for a music festival in early January, which I look forward to seeing once it's finished of course. All in all it's been a gloriously and PROUDLY stressful past month hopefully leading to major improvements on my current skillz (and maybe a litttttle break after the new year?).

By mid january, I'll hopefully have gotten my groove back and gotten back to my OWN sheeit for once! (AAHH ;))

c u r33l s00n