5 comments Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey everybody, few & farbetween audience who checks my blog, well check this! UPDATE:
So my GF's little sister had her 17th birthday and I thought I'll be a good friend and make her a digital painting! She loves to cook & is in fact very good at it, so I came up with this gift for her (which she apparently really likes, which is good):

"Sarah's Kitchen" (nonstop credit to Nate Wragg for the inspiration for this piece)

As for what I'm doing now, my current storyboarding job continues to takes its toll. I've learned a tremendous amount about boarding as well as Flash in the past few months however, which has kept me very focused on my art as of late. Currently I'm working on a concept for a mural, designing my upcomign website, and I've begun writing the script for the animated short that I WILL make, I promise. Don't miss out on this! Goodnight everybody!

2 comments Saturday, August 4, 2007

So I'm back in Bakersfield for the weekend seeing family for Alma's 20th Birthday when my older sister Jennie asks me to draw her a picture of a robot. She's a recent graduate from SJSU's Mechanical Engineering program so robots are definitely her favorite. I sketched this up in just a few minutes so hope you all like it as much as she has!: