Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey everybody, few & farbetween audience who checks my blog, well check this! UPDATE:
So my GF's little sister had her 17th birthday and I thought I'll be a good friend and make her a digital painting! She loves to cook & is in fact very good at it, so I came up with this gift for her (which she apparently really likes, which is good):

"Sarah's Kitchen" (nonstop credit to Nate Wragg for the inspiration for this piece)

As for what I'm doing now, my current storyboarding job continues to takes its toll. I've learned a tremendous amount about boarding as well as Flash in the past few months however, which has kept me very focused on my art as of late. Currently I'm working on a concept for a mural, designing my upcomign website, and I've begun writing the script for the animated short that I WILL make, I promise. Don't miss out on this! Goodnight everybody!


Stephen James. said...

Inpressive design. I like it.

Very nice of you to make this for someone.

arlo ramz said...

very graphic. and crisp. and cute!


REE said...

Great composition!
my only crit would be the hat on the right side of the painting. It's kinda blending in. Otherwise, seems like you could call this done!

Stuart Livingston said...


Madhatter said...

For some reason friends and love ones melt for artist's handmade cards! We should totally boycott Hallmark, but there's no time these days with so many birthdays. That's why if you see in the Ralph's cards section, I'm hiding from you--don't give me away!

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